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This page is for people who live more than 75 km OUTSIDE OF CAPE TOWN

Class 43: July-December

You must use forms printed with "For Class 43 Only."
Interviews begin late June.
There will be a phone interview before you are asked to travel to Cape Town.

Class Format

6 Months - 3 Phases

PHASE 1:  8 weeks of kitchen/classroom/practical studies

PHASE 2:  4-week internship in a restaurant or hotel -- in Cape Town OR Joburg

PHASE 3:  3-month paid employment in a restaurant or hotel -- in Cape Town OR Joburg

After you are accepted into class, we will discuss your desire to stay in Cape Town or return to Joburg for your internship and job.

You must successfully complete all three phases in order to graduate and receive an ICT certificate.


Proof of a COVID-19 vaccination is required to apply.

Tuition is free.  All students receive a full bursary.  This is possible only through the generosity of our caring contributors.

You MUST relocate to Cape Town for the interview process and for the entire course. If you come to Cape Town from Joburg -- and if you want to return there after your eight weeks of class -- we will discuss with you the possibility of returning to Joburg for your internship and job.

ICT provides no transport or accommodation.  During your first interview, you will be asked to provide proof that you have reliable accommodations in Cape Town for the entire 6-month course.

ICT provides no stipend or living expenses.  You must provide all your own living expenses -- including always having airtime and data on your phone.

Classes are from 7:00 am – 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, including public holidays, as well as one weekend day (either Saturday or Sunday).

There are no short or part-time courses.

Courses are only in Cape Town.

Foreign nationals are welcome to apply. You must have an Asylum Seeker permit or Asylum Status or a Work permit on your passport.


DO NOT apply if you are the primary caretaker of a child under 2 years of age. The demands of the pro kitchen will interfere with your important parental responsibilities. ICT never wants you to have to choose between the care of your child and attendance in class or at a job.

Age 21 and over may apply.  There is no upper age limit.  If you are under age 21 at the time of your application, your application will NOT be considered for class.

Matric is not necessary.

Good health, physical fitness and energy are absolutely necessary.

You must own a phone and always have airtime and data.​

You must be able to financially support yourself for the entirety of your training.  Your home life must be stable enough for you to make your full, 100% commitment of time, effort and energy to your training.

If you are accepted to class, you must undergo a criminal record check. Having a criminal record will not automatically disqualify you from being admitted to ICT. Even if you have a criminal record, we encourage you to apply.


You must download the application forms ONLY for yourself.  No one is permitted to download an application for another person.

Instructions for submitting your application are on the front page of the application forms.  Any incomplete or improperly submitted applications will NOT be considered.

You will receive a phone call no later than Friday, 16 June to be informed of the time for your first interview.

You must be settled in reliable accommodation in Cape Town no later than Monday, 26 June.

Applicants must attend THREE INTERVIEWS to be considered for acceptance.

Attending the interviews does not guarantee acceptance to class.

Once accepted to class, you must undergo a criminal record check at your own expense. A criminal record will not automatically disqualify you from being admitted to ICT.

NO ONE MAY POST OUR APPLICATION FORMS ANYWHERE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. You may post a link to this page, but not to the application itself.


Know these 8 things BEFORE you apply to ICT.

1.  ICT trains people for careers in the professional kitchen. ICT is not for people just looking for something to do -- or looking for a certificate. ICT is only for people ready to change their lives, find their purpose, and become productive and powerful over a lifetime.

2.  The hours are long and demanding.  All day, every day.  You will leave home early and return home late.

3.  You must be able to work nights, weekends, and Public Holidays. There are no December holidays in the business of the professional kitchen.

4.  Start getting physically fit.  There is gym every day in class.  You will be on your feet, moving quickly, all day.

5.  Practice your English.  ICT classes are in English only.  We understand that most people struggle with English. That is ok. That is nothing to be ashamed of. But it is necessary that you push and keep practicing.

6.  No drinking alcohol. No dagga. Not at home, not during your time off, not on weekends.

7.. Start your road to success today. Replace your spare time with reading or watching videos by successful people. Understand the larger world. Expose yourself to new ideas. Get inspired. Find your courage. Understand that making mistakes is a necessary part of any success.

8.  "Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance." Do not just submit your forms then sit at home waiting for a phone call.  Prepare for your interviews. Do all the things on this list. If you do, you will be ahead of the crowd.

By clicking below, I confirm that I have read and understood all of the above, and that I am downloading an ICT application form for MY PERSONAL USE ONLY. I am not  permitted to download the form and give it to anyone else.

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