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Sponsor a Student

“To change one life is to change the world.”
– Hebrew proverb


​You Can Truly Change a Life


For $1,500 (R20 000) you will be responsible for positive, lifelong changes that impact not only that student, but his or her family and children.

In addition to professional culinary skills, ICT builds within each student the personal attributes of confidence, honor, personal and societal awareness, and aspiration — the life skills necessary to lead a productive, dignified and sustainable life.

We assist all students in getting their first jobs, as well as provide ongoing job and life counseling to all graduates.

When you sponsor a student, you will receive a hand-written letter, and even a personal video.  You will also be kept apprised of your student’s progress and development throughout the course.

The Simple Truth of Our Students’ Lives

Our classes are free to all students.  Otherwise none would be able to attend.  Many of our students come to class just because they know there will be two meals a day.  What they end up receiving is transformative: the tools and vision to grow a career with which to feed their families for a lifetime.

How Are Our Students Selected?

Our selection process is rigorous.  All students are carefully chosen by the full panel of ICT management and staff. 


Each candidate attends uo to three days of personal interviews.  This gives ICT a real chance to look into a person and to ascertain whether we believe our course is right for him or her. 

We search for those with the heart of a lion, those who will never give up, and those who are ready to truly transform their lives and circumstances.

We receive 120-150 applications for each class of approximately 30 students.  The hardest part of the work we do is to turn down an applicant.  But each is told why and encouraged to re-apply.

Many ICT graduates have applied multiple times before being awarded a seat in class.  This determination to never give up is exactly what we're looking for.

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