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Countless stories of triumph pass each year through our school's doors.

Below is a small taste of the courage, heart and determination displayed by all ICT students.

Ntombizodwa Siko.jpg

"I am starting to fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of myself. 


Ever since I started at ICT, I’m at peace with my past; now my head is clear and I’m focusing on what’s in front of me.


Unity is what I saw, happiness is what I saw, joy is what I saw, support is what I saw. That’s how powerful ICT is."


 - Ntombizodwa Siko, Class 34, 2020


"ICT is a recovery through life because it doesn't only teach us about food but also about life skills, and it really helps me.  I never thought I would be this positive.  I now look at life differently, I have a purpose, I know where my future plans are for me and my daughter. 


I am fighting my demons, I'm moving forward.  I'm open to new adventures, I have let go of fear, I opened up to courage, I forgive, I trust, and I have healed emotionally and spiritually.


I know what I live for.  I'm owning up to my mistakes, fixing them."

- Sinoyolo Mgijima, Class 32, 2019

Kholiwe Dyalvane.jpg

“Before I came to ICT I was hopeless.  My life was on the verge of collapsing.  I wanted to scream and cry for help but no voice came out.

One day while in the library, I saw ICT and that they trained chefs for free.  At that moment my heart was beating so hard I was breathless.  I had less than two weeks to apply so I had no time to lose.

The minute I entered the kitchen I knew this is it.  I saw positiveness.  I felt welcomed and not judged or criticized.

Now I see a new me.  Each and every day I feel useful and my passion is back.  I no longer doubt myself.  I have a family who will share my success and advise me when I feel confused.  The missing link in my life is getting smaller and smaller and I see things differently.”

- Kholiwe Dyalvane, Class 22, 2016

Yolanda Nyaba.jpg

"All my life I felt like everything was falling apart.  My family thought

I was useless.  I felt like I was cursed.  I am now at my happiest moments of my life because of you.

Because of you I can stand on my own, because I feel stronger than I have ever been, smarter because of the knowledge you have given me.  Because of you I am not afraid to be myself. 


I know that I will be able to put food on the table for my family.  Because of you my son will grow up being proud of me.  You have given our lives a whole new meaning. 


Thank you ICT.  There can never be enough words to show my gratitude.  I love you."

- Yolanda Nyaba, Class 20, 2016

Fikiswa Nzukuma.jpg

“The day I started at ICT I was a young woman with a very difficult past and no hope in life.  I was filled with anger and dread of my past.  I had no job and could not support myself.  I was so sad because I had my child to support and I was on my own.

ICT is not just a chef school, but it helped me in so many ways.  ICT helped me to grow and helped me to plan for my future. 

I now have a good job.  I am able to put food on my plate and help my family.  I am now a proud mother to my child.  ICT took me from struggling and empty-minded to being a proud, grown women who can make a difference to my community.

- Fikiswa Nzukuma, Class 10, 2013


“I have learned valuable life lessons at ICT.


I have grown in confidence and have done things I never thought was in my DNA.  I believed I was brilliant at being mediocre.


At ICT I’ve been given tools to never be mediocre again. Thank you for believing in me and thank you for helping me believe in myself.”

- Mogamet Jacobs, Class 4, 2010

“The doors were opened and I had to enter.  You helped me heal all the pains I had.  I thank you with all my heart.”

- Abongile Ngubenkomo, Class 4, 2010

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