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Our school is made possible by . . .

These extraordinary companies, foundations and individuals continue to provide multi-year funding and sponsorship.  We are eternally grateful and vow to honor the trust they have placed in our organization.

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Jane Berkey

Barbara Lowenstien

Daniel & Kiki McManus

Denzel & Pauletta Washington

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Whether from the earliest days of our establishment, or through our current mission
to deepen and broaden our reach, these benefactors have been by our side.

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The Ackerman Pick n Pay Foundation
Mary C. Alden

Timothy Allsop & Nicola Smuts
Banks Kitchen Shop

Blowfish Restaurant

Core Catering Supplies


Georgina Hamilton


Guy Lawson

Mad Lively Web Design

Maya Kaimal Fine Indian Foods

Fiona Mayer

Leslie McNeil

Old Mutual Investment Group

Outsource Digital
Daniel and Karen Pritzker
The Gavin Relly Educational Trust
The Shanduka Foundation

Shine Models

The list continues to grow of friends who help provide crucial funding and assistance.

Jaimie Alexander
Michele Ancheta
Allan Appel and Suzanne Boorsch

Judy Beth Ashworth
Barbara K. Baker
Sydney Baker and Alex Zackheim

Phyllis Bard
Louis M. Freeman
Gail Behr

Madeline and Charles Berman

Neal Bermas
Richard Biehl & Donna Lawson
Ethan and Sydney Benishek
Meredith Bernstein Literary Agency
Carolyn Mark Blackwood
John Blaney
Sonia Blue

Betsy Bowen

Susanna Brackman
Grace Breuer
Victor and Diane Britton

Eugenie Broodryk
Phyllis and Robert Brown
Marybeth and Tom Cale
Pamela Camhe and Jordy Mark
Sally Carrubba and Bunita Weiner

cDs Global

Chalk & Cork
Susan Champlin
Nancy Natalie Cone
Roger Cooper
Lavern Cornelli
Coronation Fund Managers
Donald Corren and Richard Prouse

Custom Graphics
Mark and Heidi Cylinder
Zachary Cylinder

Eddie Daniels

Lori Davison

MaryEllen Dean
Georgia Dent
Judi Desmond
Leslie Dixon and Tom Ropelewski
Judy Donnely

Jason Druian

Teri and Mack Dryden

Duchess of Wisbeach

Marianne Durnall

Mark Durr
Ben Evangelista

The Fine Family Foundation

Fay Finlay

Focused, LLC
Louise Forsyth
Nancy Frank

Constance J. Freeman
The Freemasons Centre, Pinelands
Friends of ICT – Reading, PA
Pauline Gain
Laurence Garrick & Associates
Lana Gersman

Susan Ginsberg

Cyril Glaser
Steve and Melody Golding

Good Juju Kitchens
Alex Haldi
Vicki Haak and Spero Z. Chumas
Amy Hass and Richard Fine

Peter and Judy Hauser
Heather Henderson
Shelagh Herzog
Anne H. Hess and Craig Kaplan
Peter Hess

Allison Hidestad

Gordon and Lois Hirt

Hollow On The Square Hotel
Lawrence and Jenny Inglee

Intact Technology

Sacha Jack
Lorraine and Chandran Kaimal
Joanne and John Kay

Paula & Sanjiv Khosla

Saskia Keeley

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

Jill Kupferberg and Douglas Simmons
Martha Labare
George Langeler

Rev. Tim Laundrie
Cathy Lee
Don and Barbara Lee

Howard Levy

Tom Levy
Kenn Long
Catherine Loughman

Irene Lovitz
Bruce and Peggy Lubman

Charles Lurie
Mano’s Restaurant
Erin Martin
Sharon Mast
Cynthia Maurizio and Dan Tocci
Fiona McCosh
Lily McNeil and Doug Johnson
Joanne A. Meyer
Janet Mercer and Chuck Cohen
Janice P. Miller
Marsha Miller

Steve and Sarah Miller
Matt Mitler
Madeleine Morel
Pam Nagle and Michael Garvey
Carolyn Neville

Theordore Nowick and Robert Taylor
Danielle Ompad

Opportunity House
James and Wendy Osher
Mel Parker Books
Douglas Patton

Ann Patty
Denis Paz
People United of Louisiana
Robert Prichard
R.H. Ballard Fine Art
Barbara Rankin
Charles M. Rascoll, C.H.E
Marilyn Rojas
Eleanor Romeus
Rich Rorich
Nancy Sans
Laura Schiller
Cindy and Nolie Schneider
Eileen and Samuel Schulman
Erik Scott
Marina Searle-Tripp
Roy and Tamara Sekoff

Hank Sessa
Iqbal Meer Sharma

James Sie
Susan Sie

Roy and Debby Silver
Kelly Spencer
Donna Stanley
Pamela Stamper
Tara Steinschneider
Scott Steiner
Ethan Steinman
Robert Stirrat Agencies
Rebecca Stickler

Genell Subak-Sharpe
Camilla Swart

Liza Tivey
Victoria Thoreson
Julia Twigg
Estelle Underwood

United Grand Lodge of England

Susan and Jerry Webman

Martha Welch

Allison Welker
Roth Wilkofsky
Dartanyon A. Williams
Rebecca Wiggins
Hughes Winborne and Regina de Freitas
Les Winter

Wolf Disposal
Nancy and Shelly Zinberg
Tammy Zwi

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