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Welcome to ICT's BELL Program

Please read all the information below VERY CAREFULLY before downloading an application.

The button to download the forms is at the bottom of this page.

What is The BELL Program?

ICT’s Business, Entrepreneurship & Life Leadership (BELL) Program is a highly disciplined, intensive 6-month course, designed for you to explore and embrace new thoughts and behaviors, new skills and personal habits that might allow you to become a success in the business world.  


The program will show you ways to conquer many of your fears – the kinds of fears that often hold all of us back.  The program will help you begin to discover the truest and most authentic individual that you were put on this Earth to be.


We will focus on mathematics and computer skills, business methods and theories, cultural studies, law and government, leadership and teamwork, advanced life skills, critical thinking, and expanding your English.


We will cover many topics that you may think have nothing to do with business.  But they do.  Because only by discovering who we truly are, only by facing honestly all of our strengths and weaknesses, only by examining all of our choices, can we begin to build and grow a business.


You will see that “following the crowd” is never a recipe for success.  Yet knowing how to accept, work with, and enjoy many different kinds of people, from many different cultures, is very much part of the recipe.


Many people think it’s glamourous to start or run your own business.  There’s the BIG LIE.  Some people make it look glamorous because they want you to admire them.  But anyone who has built a successful, long-term business knows the truth: It’s hard work – all the time.


Only 110% commitment and dedication to hard work and open-mindedness will do.  Your participation in the program will require more physical, mental and emotional effort than you have ever before been asked to apply.  You will be required to develop a long-term vision for your future.  You will be asked to realign your priorities and to transform some of your beliefs.  You will often be required to work 7 days per week.  You will be required to make personal sacrifices.  No one becomes a long-term success in business – or in life – without making deep personal sacrifices.


No matter which road you take in life, we wish you and your family great happiness and success.


WHEN:  3 May - 1 October 2021. Please note: This is the only course currently scheduled. Additional courses will be announced in late 2021. If your application for this course is received after 1 April 2021 -- and before any other courses are scheduled -- it will not be considered.

HOURS:  Full-time, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday-Friday, including public holidays and some weekends.

LOCATION:  ICT, Woolworths Building, Adderley Street, Cape Town.

TUITION:  Free for all students.  All students receive a full bursary.  Student transport costs are not included.  Students must pay their own accommodation and transport to and from class each day.

ADDITIONAL FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE:  In general, you must be able to financially support yourself for the entirety of the course, and have a stable enough home life to allow you to make your 100% commitment of time, effort and energy.  Some limited financial assistance may be available to qualified students.  This will be determined on a confidential individual basis.


Anyone 21 years of age or over may apply. 

Matric is desirable but not necessary.

Good health, physical fitness, and positive energy are necessary.

You must own a phone and always have airtime and data.​​


Completed applications may be emailed to or posted to:

ICT, PO Box 96, Sea Point 8060, Cape Town


Emailed applications will receive a confirmation of receipt.  Posted applications will not.

The deadline for us to receive your application is 9 April 2021.  Late submissions will not be considered.

All other submission information is printed on the form itself.

The application form is very long and complex.  There will be many questions you might not expect. Please take your time filling it out.  Think through each of your answers.  There are no right or wrong answers.  Every answer must be 100% honest.  We are also looking for your attention to detail.   


Not everyone who submits this application will be called for an interview.  We ask you to understand that we can only interview and pay close attention to the most qualified applicants.


If your application is accepted, you will be asked to come to THREE PERSONAL INTERVIEWS to take place in April before being accepted to the course.


Submitting the application or attending the interviews does not guarantee acceptance to the course.

Please do not contact us with questions about the application.  Everything is on the forms.

Special note:  A criminal record will not automatically disqualify you from being admitted to the course. Each matter is considered on a case-by-case basis.  We encourage you to apply even if you do have a criminal record.

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