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The Covid-19 Pandemic

850,547 meals have been provided


In partnership with Woolworths, as well as many of ICT's friends and contributors, our attention during this crisis has turned in part to providing meals to needy Cape Town communities.

We are still working daily to assist our graduates to regain employment in South Africa's decimated tourism industry, as well as maintaining Infinity Cafe at Isivivana and providing catering for any local function or event.

Despite conditions on the ground, you can be certain that we continue to carry out our mission of "Improving Lives Through Cooking" in all ways possible.

Please go to our Facebook page to see the many photos and videos of our recent feeding initiative.

Improving Lives Through Cooking

Since 2009

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Our Mission

Infinity Culinary Training serves disadvantaged young South African women and men in urgent need of employment.  We provide students with the professional cooking skills and essential life skills necessary to gain immediate employment within the hospitality industry.  

Within three months, our students become able to support their children and families -- and to begin the journey from poverty to long-term growth and self-reliance.

Since 2009, 575 graduates have been produced from 36 classes.

Screenshot_2019-06-17 ICT's 300th Gradua

Our 300th Graduate Ceremony

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we do not anticipate our culinary classes to re-open for the rest of 2021.  We will announce here and on our Facebook page the moment classes are scheduled to resume.

Please do not lose hope.  The virus will be defeated if everyone does their part to follow all guidelines for safety.