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Improving Lives Through Cooking

Since 2009

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Due to the number of applications we are
receiving for
Class 37
, the deadline for submission is now 4 FEBRUARY

The class dates remain 4 April - 30 September
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
We will soon post dates for Class 38.

Click here to download a student application form

Our Mission

Infinity Culinary Training (ICT) provides students with the basic cooking skills and essential life skills necessary for immediate employment in the professional kitchen.  Students develop the strength, character, mindset, and confidence necessary to grow a lifelong career and to meet the challenges of the business world.  Since our founding in 2009, we have graduated nearly 600 students.

A Peek Inside

No one can become a top chef in six months.  It takes years of commitment, hard work, overcoming setbacks, and continued growth.  ICT gives students the tools, guidance, and opportunities to begin their journey, and to prepare for the demanding lifestyle of the professional chef:  The long hours, the hot kitchens, and the many forms of human behaviour.


ICT classes are physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding.  Students learn not only the language of the pro kitchen but improve their English through daily reading and writing.  They move quickly and speak loudly.  They practice math, critical thinking, and problem solving.  They find the courage to embrace different cultures and face the fears that can come with exploration.


At first, bodies may be sore from the physical activity, brains may ache from the quest for knowledge.  But these worthy discomforts are recognized as growing pains.  Learning is a daily exercise and discipline.  It is one step at a time.  It is about never giving up.


Students must be able to work nights, weekends, and public holidays.  This often represents a total transformation of one’s lifestyle.  To strengthen themselves for the often-grueling conditions, students must find their deepest reserves of passion, purpose, and perseverance.


Throughout a student’s (and graduate’s) professional life, obstacles will be encountered in the workplace and within communities.  This is where ICT’s unique life skills curriculum is crucial.  Students must learn to manage all challenges in mature and constructive ways. 


ICT is privileged to witness students who take control of their lives, work toward mastery of their craft, expand their horizons, and keep their eyes on the future and their children’s futures.

Screenshot_2019-06-17 ICT's 300th Gradua

Our 300th Graduate Ceremony

Click on this 4-minute video to see inside a graduation ceremony

In Partnership with Woolworths South Africa

1,298,427 Meals

Have been provided to needy Cape Town communities during the COVID-19 pandemic