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Improving Lives Through Cooking

Since 2009

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Applications are now open for
31 January - 29 July 2022
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Our Mission

Infinity Culinary Training serves disadvantaged young South African women and men in urgent need of employment.  We provide students with the professional cooking skills and essential life skills necessary to gain immediate employment within the hospitality industry.  

Within three months, our students become able to support their children and families -- and to begin the journey from poverty to long-term growth and self-reliance.

Since 2009, 572 chefs have graduated from 36 classes.

Screenshot_2019-06-17 ICT's 300th Gradua

Our 300th Graduate Ceremony

What is ICT?

In Partnership with Woolworths South Africa

1,173,772 Meals

Have been provided to needy communities during the COVID-19 pandemic

ICT is a student's golden opportunity to begin a career in the professional kitchen. Your journey will take you on the road of culinary skills and business practices, captained by the most essential Life Skills and quest for personal self-expansion.

On the other hand, ICT is not is a quick fix to anyone's personal or financial circumstances. As a student, your personal and business success will depend on your embracing these 10 principles:

  • Your focus to defeat old bad habits and replace them with new good habits.

  • Your effort to re-train your mind in order to embrace new ideas and new challenges.

  • Your desire to devote yourself to long, hard hours -- pushing yourself to the limit, and always striving for excellence.

  • Your openness to self-awareness, to address your weaknesses without shame and your strengths without ego.

  • Your drive to face your fears -- and to see that there's nothing to be afraid of.

  • Your devotion to mature and productive problem-solving.

  • Your commitment to become 100% responsible and accountable for every word spoken and every action taken. This means seeing that you are not a victim -- no one else is to blame -- and that everything is your choice.

  • Your belief in the idea of sacrifice -- sacrificing certain needs and pleasures now for the bigger picture of long-term success.

  • Your spirit to discover the necessary love and passion for all of the above.

  • And your 100% determination to NEVER give up.