Fikiswa Nzukuma, Class of 2013

“The day I started at ICT I was a young woman with a very difficult past and no hope in life. I was filled with anger and dread of my past.  I had no job and could not support myself. I was so sad because they had my child to support and I was on my own.

ICT is not just a chef school, but it helped me in so many ways. It helped me to grow and helped me to plan for my future. They helped me to see things very differently. They helped me to let go of my past and focus on my future.

I now have a good job. I am very proud. I see myself very different. I am able to put food on my plate and help my family. I am now a proud mother to my child.

I am very proud to be an ICT graduate because ICT took me from struggling and empty-minded to being a proud, grown women who can make a difference to my community.

No words can thank ICT. Keep the word of ICT shining and make it possible for others. I say thank you to the ICT staff. We love you.”