Wiseman Mili, Class of 2012

Prior to attending ICT, Wiseman spent eight years in Pollsmoor Prison. Through the school’s interview process, his maturity, humility and intelligence made it clear that he’d made the commitment to set a new course for his life. While at school, he lived with his mother, who, after years of worrying for her son, was able to witness his transformation. Wiseman is now working at Giorgio Nava’s Carne and has been reunited with his 13-year-old daughter. Here’s some of what Wiseman has to say:

“I thought when I came here first, ICT was just for work. But when the time goes, I realize that it’s more important, more than work.  We learn how to handle such situations, how to be ourselves. Whereas before, I was just another kind of person. Can I call myself a criminal? I was one of them before. I think the time I started to attend ICT, it’s where I started to realize that I do have a second chance in life, so that I can correct all of my mistakes.”

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