About Us

What We Do

  • ICT is a non-profit chef’s school in Cape Town, South Africa. Our 12-week course teaches the basic cooking and life skills required
    for immediate placement in the professional kitchen. ICT helps bridge the gap between poverty and jobs by providing graduates
    with the tools and confidence to take their first crucial step toward a productive and self-sustaining future.
  • Our work doesn’t stop when a student graduates. We remain in contact with our students and their employers (and, in some cases, the students’ families) to ensure a smooth transition into the professional world.
  • As of today, 78% of the 2011 students have jobs. Our goal is to maintain a consistent, year-after-year employment rate of 85-90%.

Who We Are

  • Our Executive Director, Barry Berman, is active in every facet of the school’s daily operations and long-term vision. He offers his
    time and efforts pro bono.
  • Two ICT graduates, Khululani Jobo and Shepherd Mutendera, are teaching the classes. ICT is proud to be growing teachers, as
    well as cooks.
  • ICT has a devoted Board of Directors, people whose expertise and tremendous hearts help steer our mission.
  • And, of course, our Contributors, without whom we would not exist. As a grassroots organization, ICT continues to depend on the interest and care of our past and future contributors.

Where The Money Goes

  • Tuition is free to all students. Otherwise, none could afford to attend. Candidates are carefully screened for desire, commitment
    and dedication to personal growth. Our budget determines our class size. In order to ensure close, individual attention to each
    student, we are able to accept 12-13 students to each class session, representing fewer than 15% of applicants.
  • It takes approximately $50,000 (ZAR400,000) to operate the school for one year. This is on top of our food costs, most of which
    are currently donated, as are the student uniforms and shoes. Visit our Contributors Page to see the great people and companies
    who help support us.
  • Funds collected pay for teachers’ salaries; kitchen, classroom and office rent; printing and classroom supplies; car and gasoline;
    phones, banking fees (expensive in South Africa), student assistance and website maintenance. A small fraction of our budget is
    used for fundraising expenses. Not a penny is squandered — ever.
  • Currently, we are able to train 35-40 people per year during three 12-week class sessions. Then we place the graduates into jobs.
    The results are immediate. Some of the students’ stories are amazing.