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ICT’s 300th Graduate

Please enjoy the graduation ceremony of the 24th Class, representing our 300th Graduate

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Our 13th Class Graduation

Please click on the video for a peek into one of our graduation ceremonies.

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TIP - The Infinity Project

We have begun a new fundraising platform, TIP, wherein a small donation to our school is voluntarily added to each bill by the customer, then donated by you to our school. Please join us. Our goal is to have 30 Cape Town restaurants and hotels participating by the middle of 2016.

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Our School

ICT is a non-profit chef’s school in Cape Town, South Africa. Our 12-week course teaches the basic cooking and life skills required for immediate placement in the professional kitchen. ICT helps bridge the gap between poverty and jobs by providing graduates with the tools and confidence to take their first crucial step toward a productive and self-sustaining future. Tuition is free to all students, otherwise none could afford to attend.

Our Students

ICT trains young, disadvantaged South African men and women in urgent need of employment. Most of our students live in gravely impoverished communities, neighborhoods strangled by a lack of education, drug abuse and violent crime. Once a student graduates our course and is placed in a job, it will likely mean that he or she will be supporting the household -- raising children. Candidates are carefully screened for desire, commitment and dedication to personal growth.

Our Curriculum

Classes are from 8:00 am - 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday, with one weekend day spent in a Cape Town practical placement. The curriculum is rigorous and demanding -- not for the faint of heart. There is kitchen and classroom activity each day, including daily written exams. There are physical exercises, personal conferences with staff, guest lecturers who bring their expertise in various parts of the professional world.

Your Donations

All funds raised pay for teachers’ salaries, food, kitchen and classroom supplies, etc. ICT is a South African non-profit organization, registered with the RSA Department of Social Development, in accordance with Act 71 of the Non-Profit Act of 1997, as well as a public benefit organisation, which makes South African donations tax-deductible under Section 18(1)(a) of the Income Tax Act.

Sponsor a Student

Find out how you can sponsor a student and help bring about positive, lifelong changes to create stronger and more productive South African families.


Apply To Be A Student

Visit our application page for all information and to download your student application.

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Graduate Jobs

The great majority of ICT graduates continue to achieve productive employment in some of Cape Town’s most respected establishments.

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